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Lumy by Paris

Lumy by Paris

Franchising solutions for Plus Size Clothing


Lumy by Paris, a highly successful franchising opportunity with a bright future on a fast-growing market

Specialists in French-style Fashion and Plus-size, the ultimate in Chic and Glamour

A growing brand

Clothing for all the special women

Patented feature

A patent to adjust the sizes

Attractive conditions

Assistance in the launching of the Franchise

Strong client loyalty to the brand

Well-recognized brand, clients’ favourite

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Lumy by Paris, chic and glamorous products with outstanding quality

Franchisee testimonials


A few months ago we started a franchise of Lumy by Paris in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The local people and the tourists love the collections and the special French touch, the choice of bold colors and the quality of the fabrics.


The available sizes go from small to XL and have a very handy and remarkable patented feature, the Flexifit, which alllows to increase or reduce the size of the outfit.


And we are offering now the items that Lumy by Paris added to their collection: leather bags, scarves, fashion jewelry.


We still have a long way to go but it has been a thoroughly thrilling experience since day one.


We decided to take up a new challenge by going for a Lumy by Paris franchise in Montenegro.


It was a financially bold move: the buying power in Montenegro is not very high and the town has a relatively small population, so we decided to allot half of the space of our boutique to Lumy by Paris. Lumy by Paris supported us in two major Fashion Shows in Bar, Montenegro and Belgrad, Serbia.


They were a total success locally and in the region and got wide coverage in the media. Such a good response pushed us to speed up the space.


We are delighted to announce the opening of a brand new shop which will only offer the products of Lumy by Paris.